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Fundamental Skills in Scientific Communication

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Fundamental Skills in Scientific Communication


Er. Mandeep Singh.


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VMG Biotech Consultants, NewDelhi, India.


987-93-5196-672-2 (Paperback), 987-93-5196-673-9 (E-book).


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Date of 1st Publication: 8th May 2015

Date of 2nd Publication: 1st Nov 2016




INR 599/-

About the Book


This book aims to provide education and learning experience to students, teachers, researchers, and professionals interested in enhancing their knowledge on Science. It is written in English language. It is divided in 4 parts to cover basic aspects of learning scientific terms through rules of English grammar and word-formation. Science terms focus on ‘etymological aspect of word’ i.e. ‘origin and history of language’ through which it has been derived. The book contains “Thesaurus” for major scientific sub-disciplines like mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, medical science, pharmacy, earth science and biotechnology. It covers basic “vocabulary of science”, which is the key to terminology for comprehensive list of words borrowed in English from foreign languages (mainly Latin, Greek and French). A structured approach is used by the author in describing terms such that they outline important scientific data with definition, concepts and application for a professional scientist, doctor or engineer to use it as ideal ‘reference book’ in electronic or print medium. It stresses on importance of technical writing, structure of lab reports and use of computers (information technology) in later parts.

Fundamental skills in scientific communication, as the name suggests, focus on enhancing linguistic skills in English language for professional communication and higher learning. English communication skills are absolutely necessary for teachers and scientific professionals.

Book Ratings


“I feel the matter is interesting, which dwells on the functional aspects of English language in delivering the message through basic definitions.”

–        Prof. Nalini Mohesh, TGT English, The Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi

“The book is thought provoking. It stimulates reader’s ideas for multi-disciplinary research in medical theory and practice; and, scientist’s professional ability to communicate laboratory findings.”

–        Dr. Shiv Choksey, MBBS, MS, MCH, Orthopedics, SR, Sports Injury Centre, Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi

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