About VMG Academy & Consultants

CEO Profile


Er. Mandeep Singh,

MSc. Biochemical Engineering, University College London, University of London, England

B.E. Chemical Engineering, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Er. Mandeep Singh is a true mentor, career guide, academic counsellor and teacher, who is true to the values of education. If Christianity describes education as “One of the Seven gifts of Holy Spirit”, he is truly gifted. He is bestowed as a Sikh, “a true disciple of lord as a student”. He is renowned as the author of “Fundamental Skills in Scientific Communication”. He is currently working on path breaking R&D projects for Biotechnology Industry like ‘Extraction and Purification of Organic Hydrocarbons’, ‘Distillation and Bio-Refining’, ‘Physiochemical and Biochemical characterization of Biomolecules’ and ‘Fermentation Technology’ through in-house facilities of VMG Academy & Consultants. A world-class solicitor in field of biochemical engineering and bioprocessing.

Degree Certificate



Sumeet Kaur Nayyar

B. Sc Hons. (Chemistry) & B.Ed., Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal, M.P., India

TGT Chemistry, Prudence Senior Secondary School, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi, India

Sumeet Kaur is a scholar in Chemistry and an excellent educator having teaching experience of more than fifteen years. She accelerated her career path from being a primary school teacher to middle school and currently teaches senior secondary students to prepare them for critical certificate exam assessed under CBSE board. Her approach to impart education is learner-centric and blends conceptual learning to students with the visual aid of real life examples, working models and technology. She knows her subject very well in both theoretical & practical aspects. Her key to success is sheer dedication, hard work, innovation and creativity. She motivates and inspires students to achieve academic excellence and self-confidence. 

Message from CEO

I envisage a high quality of life for young aspirants in science & technology who wish to pursue STEM education and make successful careers as technical professionals such as Doctor, Engineer, Chemist, Pharmacist, Scientist or Technician. VMG Engineering and Life Science Academy is my institutional establishment in New Delhi, India that primarily aims to impart STEM education services & skill training to young learners. VMG Biotech Consultants is another vertical that primarily focuses on consultancy, contract research, documentation and digital publication services.

Our Vision:

  • Motivate and inspire students to pursue STEM subjects & technical education
  • Bring educational reforms using information technology
  • Create windows of opportunities for budding scientists, doctors & engineers

Our Aim:

  • Capacity building for STEM education services
  • Equip professionals with tools and resources for skill generation
  • Sustain world-class knowledge practices for industrial consultation, translation and interpretation

Our Objectives:

  • Provide cost effective yet good quality education to students of all age groups through internet
  • Promote STEM subjects and technical education
  • Accelerate professionals in their career path as tutors and consultants
  •  Build a global strong network and community of academicians and professionals
  •  Uphold high professional standards in research, and apprenticeship training
  •  Foster institutional relationships for scientific & technical skills
  •  Foster industrial relationships across healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, & allied sectors
  •  Offer scientific advisory through internet and engage in KTP projects   

At “VMG Academy & Consultants” we make professionals out of students before undergoing any undergraduate or postgraduate program of their choice. Our skill development courses and apprenticeship programs are especially developed through a series of consultations with subject experts in their respective field. We offer online & offline tutorial services for students and professionals to enhance their academic knowledge, communication, technical and working skills. The learning capacity of each individual differs hence; our skill programs focus on the needs of an individual but essentially impart cognitive learning and life skills as working tools for prospects to foster prosperity and success in life. Our range of technical & business consultancy services work towards mutual benefit of the society, academic universities, industry and government. We offer premium consultation and documentation services to various industrial sectors across pharmaceutical, healthcare, chemical, food & beverage manufacturing and packaging industry. We guide sports personnel, travelers, journalists, doctors, labor, farmers and veterinary practitioners in occupational healthcare. We believe in excellent advisory services and skills for generation of a sound base in healthcare delivery to future generations.




The logo OF VMG Academy represents a virtual pictogram of the physical and life sciences tree, which denotes a mind map of organized and structured knowledge in ubiquity. It is a unique representation that shows union of two alternate life forms – zoological (brain) and botanical (plants), which together influence the ecosphere. The branches of the tree inside the brain represent knowledge gained through education and experience while leaves of the tree represent a collection of memories that act as a storehouse to empower our actions. The ‘Old Testament’s Tree of Knowledge’ says that knowledge of good and evil contained knowledge that separated man from god. Gnosis can be only hoped to attain. Plants are autotrophic bodies that derive nourishment from the environment and fix energy into leafy starch. Similarly, if the right food is provided to the human brain with essential nutrition of correct knowledge and experience, it can perform multitude of functions in strengthening the society at its roots and for support, protection of the natural habitat of many living beings as well as the environment.



The logo of VMG Biotech is a virtual pictogram of our company name “VMG” representing natural transmission and dynamics of information transfer. The structure of design signifies natural decorative patterns as geometric folding arrangement at genetic level of living beings, which forms the basis of information coding and transmission. The pyramid inside represents the epitome of magnetism while cubic boundary represents earthly appearance. These geometric patterns relate to the natural elements that basis the universal structural form persisting in nature. The colors in the design relate to the natural spectrum of the visible light in their most aesthetic appearance. The design features of this logo are naturally aligned in visual perspective consistent with our vision to foster prosperity by engaging in knowledge transfer projects.


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