“VMG academy” takes keen interest in imparting online/offline education services to nurture young talent for STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). We cater education services primarily to school students but our objective is to upgrade cognitive knowledge and working skills for students as well as industry professionals like teachers, research scientists, technicians and corporate professionals. We focus mainly on academic content prescribed by the national or state examination board like CBSE/ICSE/Delhi state board or international curriculum followed by IB/IGCSE/Cambridge university board. Our objective is to enhance communication skills of students and professionals with life-saving tools that shall enable them to respond quickly on a real – time basis while dealing with complex life situations. We have developed a systematic approach for corporate & industry professionals to upgrade their academic capacity through our skill training & apprenticeship programs. Our skill development programs are certified short-term courses to aid professionals with life skills, communication skills, mathematical & analytical skills, necessary technical knowledge and practical skills for specific industrial professions.

We believe that professional relationships with clients add value to the business and therefore,  uphold the highest ethical professional standards in imparting education through practical and cost effective recommendations. Our business associates (independent tutors & consultants) facilitate online education counselling and provide tuitions for personalized 1 to 1 interaction and group training as per the demand of the parent. We provide free career counselling to our students, which shall enable them decide their career path. We facilitate complete guidance to students for UG/PG admission to reputed universities in India or abroad as well as admission to professionally certified courses, technical institutions or distance education programs.





“VMG Biotech Consultants" is committed towards research, advocacy, documentation & digital publication services for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical, Healthcare, Life sciences, Food, Beverage, Manufacturing, Packaging and Printing industry. We provide a range of contractual research services & content writing services like preparation of dossiers, monograms, technical documents (CTD), product review, technical specifications, quality reports, batch reports, pharmacology report, engineering & manufacturing review, and technology transfer agreements. Our service transcripts have a market brand in meeting specific needs of the customer and effective services in scientific translation & interpretation. We help in digital and print publication as desired by the client.

Our path breaking R & D programs and scientific advisory services aims to foster growth of academicians in trading healthcare. We attempt to reach out to healthcare professionals, hospitals and medical institutions training to produce the best doctors, technicians and nurses in the world to narrow the communication gap for patient-care and technology aided solutions generation of a sound database for healthcare delivery to future generations. Some of our core areas of consultation are:

1) PHARMACY and NUTRITION CONSULTATION: We provide in-depth consultation on consumption of medicines and healthcare products. We offer workshops and training in occupational health services to guide industrial workers on occupational illness, first-aid, wound care, immunology and preventative healthcare practices.

2) TECHNOLOGY CONSULTATION: Technology is at the heart of R&D, laboratory, manufacturing and commerce. We help industrialists to evaluate available technology, process & products as well as provide laboratory testing services for pharma, food and beverage products. We generate expert analytics on biochemical assays, engineering design, batch manufacturing, packaging, converting, printing, quality Control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) operations.

3) TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION: We write technical reviews on technology and product formulations. Technical documents are useful for education, product promotion, advertisement and legal purposes like licensing or trademark registration. Some typical documents – Academic content writingResearch data analysisScience essayLiterature reviewCompany BrochuresProduct Catalogues,CTD CertificatesDossierProduct specificationQuality ReportsContent design and editing.

4) DIGITAL PUBLICATION: A digital publication is an economical and eco-friendly solution for content marketing and advertising. Digital publications receive wider audiences worldwide especially if your purpose is content writing, knowledge sharing and branding. We help in document design and internet marketing of digital magazines or e-book in accepted electronic file sharing formats.       

5) SCIENTIFIC INTERPRETATION & TRANSLATION: Scientific interpretation is essential for knowledge outsourcing and technology transfer. We offer various scientific interpretation services like Medical TranslationClinical Translation,Technology TranslationPharmacy TranslationEngineering Translation. We also offer language translation services in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Foreign languages for companies who want to start marketing abroad.

6) TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER: We aid in drafting contractual agreements for transfer of technology, manufacturing and patent infringement reports for pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries.


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      • Shreya Pawar, Indraprastha World School:

        My sir name is Mandeep Singh. He is very intelligent and a true guide. If teacher is like our Mother then Sir is like our Father figure. He is excellent in all subjects. 

      • Ria Pawar, Indraprastha World School:

        I did not have much interest in studies but Mandeep Sir helps me to concentrate and understand my subjects. Thank-you sir, It is now time to make you proud by scoring well in my exams.  

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